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Carlos "Iggy" Eguiluz TERC USA, Education Committee Chair
Phone: 766-486-1948

Carlos is a retired FF/ Driver Engineer/ Paramedic who served for 31 years with the City of Coral Gables Fire Rescue Department (1988 - 2018). As an original member of the CGFD Special Response Team (SRT) in 1991, Carlos remained involved competitively as a Medic, Technician and Incident Commander from 1991 through 2006. He served as the Team Coordinator for 24 years (f ram 1992 through 2015). During that time CGFD competed in

Regional and/or International Competitions in 16 years, winning a total of 7 Regional, 1 International and 1 World Extrication Competitions. He was elected and served as the TERC (Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee) USA Executive Board Secretary (2006 -2009) and is a TERC USA Regional (1997), National and International (1999) Judge. In addition, Carlos was appointed to the World Rescue Organization Executive Board (2002 - 2004) as the Representative from TERC International and has been a WRO Assessor since 2001. He was appointed Lead Extrication Instructor for the Miami Dade Medical Campus Paramedic and EMT Programs from 1994 through 2018, has also been a State Certified Vehicle Extrication Instructor since 1993 and is a certified VMR OPS/Tech Instructor. Carlos served as the NAVRA (North American Vehicle Rescue Association) Assessors Coordinator from 2013 through 2016, 2020 - 2023, Director of Operations from 2019 - 2023 and has been Head Judge in various World, National and Regional events for the Organization. He is currently a TERC/WRO/ NAVRA Certified Assessor and was awarded the first ever "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2016 by the Associations.

He currently serves on the TERC USA Board of Directors as Chair of the Education Committee, the WRO as Lead Extrication Officer and teaches in the Paramedic Program for Miami Dade College Medical Campus, where he's been an Instructor since 1995.

cell # 786-486-1948

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