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TERC USA Executive Board:

Ralph Lettieri
Phone: (631) 813-9378


Ralph is a 16+ year volunteer Firefighter with the Hagerman Fire Department based on Long Island, NY.  He started competing with Hagerman’s Vehicle Extrication Team as the primary stabilization/tool member back in 2010.  He competed in several local regional challenges as well the North American Vehicle Rescue Challenges both in the United States & Canada.  He served the Hagerman Fire Department as a Lieutenant from 2010 – 2012, held the position of Department Secretary, and Currently holds the position as Safety Officer for the Fire Department.  He is also an Elected Fire Commissioner for the Fire District and currently serving in his 2nd Term.

He has served as TERC’s Secretary since 2013 and you will also find him behind the scenes of the extrication competitions collecting the judges score sheets and entering the points for the competition results.

Jack Ringold
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